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Jane’s Recovery Story

Re-discovering True Friendship through Recovery My name is Jane and this my story, told from the perspective of a friend I recently made after pursuing my own recovery. Sometimes, I can’t believe how far I’ve come. It’s good to have a trusted friend remind me by sharing my experience with others… Emily Tells Jane’s Story…

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10 Signs of a Possible Drinking Problem

It’s hard to be objective when assessing whether or not you or a loved one has a drinking problem. Emotions run high, and it’s hard to understand where the line is between what is acceptable and when it’s gone too far. Although boundaries may be fuzzy, there are classic signs of alcohol dependence that materialize…

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“Hope” The Hill of Hope It was there that I found Hope in getting and staying Sober. I began to listen, to pray, to trust and to willfully make connections with other humans. I began to become able to be quiet and listen to the sound of the wind. To confide in the universe, the…

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My Heart Billows and Bows

Transcription: My heart billows and bows as my deranged mind drifts into different directions. Find the place to be free, it screams, but I can find no serenity within me. F— intellect, f— these clustered syllables; all I want is tranquility. The echos loom of a past, although the ether is still, my mind is…

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When did you arrive? It seems your lies of omission have you wishing you had said more. Where did you come from? It seems you were done with what you were doing Fooling no one. What were you doing before? At your core you are divine; in time you’ll find your old life meaningless. who…

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This Chapel of Hope

Transcription: This Chapel of Hope Rustic, Serene, and Humble Crossing its threshold gives one peace of soul. With white candles aflame, the words of strength are spoken here and sweet chords of music fall upon one’s ear. Historic are its hallowed walls and for the souls of the recovered; This is their dwelling place. For…

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