Couples Rehab- Healing Together

It has been known to happen where couples are both suffering with addiction and can cause serious problems in their home in regards to their children, health, and finances. If one person in the relationship goes to rehab, there is a big chance of relapsing if your partner refuses to quit. If both people in the relationship go to couples rehab, you will be able to support each other and make your love for each other stronger.

Having a couple going through addiction can lead to a lot of problems. Codependency can occur where you do not want your spouse to leave you if you try to make them get clean. So this can mean cleaning up their messes by always bailing them out of jail, giving them money to buy more drugs, picking up your kids whenever your spouse forgets, and using their excuse that addiction is a disease and are not to take responsibility for anything. If your spouse is always late to pick up the kids, you may keep covering for them. By constantly enabling each other’s behaviors, you may think that you are saving their lives but you would be doing them even more a favor if you let them learn from their mistakes.

You know how important it is for you both to go to couple’s rehab if drugs and alcohol are the only things that you both enjoy doing together. You have run out of hobbies and fun activities to do that do not involve getting high. Domestic violence is also a factor when you are addicted as you lose your inhibitions so you will act before you think. This can mean saying hurtful things to someone that you would not say if you were sober or physical assault. Maybe being high together is the only way that you think you two can be affectionate towards each other. You could be neglecting your children or cleaning the house as a result of your drug use. If all of these reasons are happening to you both, this should be all the motivation you need to go to couples rehab.

Whether a couple can attend rehab together will all depend. There are some places where you can attend the same facility but not stay in the same room if you have a history of domestic violence or if one of you has medical or psychological issues that require more attention. It may also be toxic to live in the same facility if one spouse feels like the other is doing better than you. This can lead to resentment and feeling like a failure. You both may have to stay at a play for 30 days to nine months with 12-20 outpatient appointments over three to six months. You can attend multiple sessions together weekly and be able to visit each other. The only way the two of you will be able to attend rehab together is if you both want to get better and are willing to support each other along the way.

Couples rehab first starts out where you go through a medical detox separately before starting counseling. There are many different types of forms of treatment like behavioral couples therapy. This is when both people in the relationship make a recovery contract to stay away from drugs and alcohol and to support each other in their recovery. The couple sees a therapist once or twice a week to talk about their goals and develop new coping skills. There is medical assisted treatment which uses medications like methadone, buprenorphine, or naltrexone to help their withdrawal symptoms and be under maintenance when the detox period is over. 12 step meetings are also recommended so that you both can learn to submit to a higher power and follow the 12 steps towards recovery with the help of a sponsor.

Many issues revolving around your relationship with each other will be addressed during therapy that will make your bond with each other stronger. You could be going over issues that you have with fights that revolve around money, not being home enough, or neglecting to fulfill your responsibilities. It can also be about not covering up for your partner anymore and learning to take care of yourself. Therapy can also teach you how to let people in your life back in that you avoided because of the time spent getting high or drunk. You will also learn how to deal with your problems without getting violent. It can mean learning to use your words to solve differences or leaving the room when you feel like getting violent.

A therapist can also teach you how to find sober activities for the two of you to do together to better connect. It can mean going on movie dates, carnivals, a show, eating out, cooking, etc. Motivation is the key to a successful recovery. It would be helpful for both of you to make a list of all of the reasons why it is important to achieve sobriety. Those reasons can be to keep your career, manage your finances, be good parents to your children, and being a good spouse to the one you love. Couples therapy will only work if the two of you act like a team where you vow to help each other develop healthy habits and find love in each other that you used to have before.

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