The Addictive Qualities of Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games in the world with over 125 million members playing. There have been reports of parents sending children to rehab as a result of their non-stop playing. In order to better understand what makes Fortnite so addicting, you should know the qualities that are in a video game that make it feel impossible to stop so that you can get the help you need.

An addictive video game does not have to be violent or sexual. For example, the game Candy Crush has no violence, sexual content, or bad language but is still addictive. Fortnite is a survival game of a hundred players where you can either play alone, a duo, or in teams of four people to see who can survive the longest. Even though you defend yourself with weapons and firearms, there is no blood or gore in this game. One reason that video games can be so popular is that the games itself could be free. You get rewarded after each level that you pass and which makes you want to play the next one. Because our dopamine levels increase with every accomplishment we make, we always try to ensure that we feel this way. As the levels get harder, people will want to pay for any badges or tools that will make the level easier to accomplish.

Another feature on video games is being able to skip the delay. For example, in the game Cook It!, there are hearts you need to have to be able to play each level. If you run out of hearts, the only way you can play the level is to watch an advertisement. The game will give you the option to buy 50 hearts so that you do not have to keep watching ads to play the level. Otherwise, you have to wait half an hour for each heart. Because these hearts get recharged every half hour, this is an effective strategy to get you to continually open the app.

An additional video game quality is when there are massive expansions. In World of Warcraft, there is a massive expansion every two years. This shows that the game will never be over. It is not like playing a board game where there is only one winner and it is game over. With more worlds and more levels being made with each update, players will never stop playing. People may try to limit their video game playing by saying that they will play until their progress bar is full once all of their accomplishments are completed. But, some video games have different progress bars for each task. So until each progress bar is filled for each task, they will continue to keep playing.

Playing video games can help establish friendships. You are sharing the video gaming experience with other people which strengthens bonds. This especially helps those who are shy and have trouble making friends in the outside world. The only problem is that you feel like you have to keep playing if all of your friends are playing. There are games that have teams and if you bail out of the game, your team will be short a player and you will feel like you are abandoning them in their time of need, making you feel the need to keep playing.

Fortnite has all of the elements that make a video game addictive. Fortnite can be played for as long as you want. You do not have to wait to play and you can continue playing with no limits. There is a new season every few months with your progress reset as well as new rewards, challenges, and tasks being introduced. The rewards that you get do not strengthen your skills or give you an advantage but just makes your avatar look more cooler and unique. Another thing about Fortnite is that you cannot pause the game. You can easily lose the level if you get attacked but can survive on a 20-30 minute round.  If anyone leaves in the middle of the game when they are on a team, it can cause the team to lose the game if they are down a player. All of these reasons are why Fortnite was the latest addiction.

Video game addiction is just as serious as being addicted to drugs or alcohol. Your dopamine levels rise with each win and when you do not win, you will feel determined to keep playing. Whether you are a child or an adult, video game addiction will only make you spend all of your finances on buying any tools you can to increase your chances of winning. You could get in trouble at work if you are caught playing games on your phone or playing all night that you will be too tired the next day. If you stop playing completely, you could be facing withdrawal symptoms the same way as when you quit drugs or alcohol cold turkey. You need to slowly wean off video games by setting a timer and telling yourself you will play for no more than half an hour to an hour. You do not need a video game to be your only emotional bond to keep your friends. By recognizing the addictive qualities of video games, you can be aware of which games to be careful of when you play them.

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