What Gifts Do I Give Someone in Recovery?

It may be hard to shop for someone who is in recovery from substance abuse. If you ask them what kind of present they would want during a holiday, they may ask for money which leaves them the opportunity to buy more drugs. It is important to be mindful about what present you give to someone in recovery to avoid ruining their recovery or enabling their addiction.

One gift idea to give to someone in recovery is gift cards. If you give someone cash, chances are that they can be tempted to use it towards drugs and alcohol. Even if they tell you that they have no interest in using the money for that, you are still presenting them the opportunity to relapse. By giving them a gift card, they have no choice but to use the money towards the company you get the card from. You can get them gift cards to things that will actually be useful for their life whether it is a gift card for groceries, a gym membership, a bookstore, the movies, etc. You can also give them stuff like a health magazine subscription to get ideas to better their physical and mental health as well as any support for a continuing education program or a class.

Another challenge that comes from drug addiction is trying to find some way to keep busy such as occupying your hands with something. You can get your loved one a gadget like a fidget spinner, stress ball, or a musical instrument. This can be an enjoyable gift to send to someone without spending a lot of money. Your loved one can also occupy their time by giving them games like word puzzles or a Rubik’s Cube that they can bring with them anywhere they go or feel a trigger to relapse. You can also give that person multiplayer games like trivia or question-based games that do not involve drinking.

You can also buy gifts that would be in relation to their health such as a FitBit so that they can make a goal to walk a certain amount of steps as well as making sure they are eating and drinking enough water. You can also give that person a yoga mat that they can use in times of stress or a new pair of running shoes. These presents will show that you care about their health and want to see them do well. Books can also be a way to help your loved one become successful in their recovery. You can find them a memoir of someone famous who struggled with their drug addiction just like your friend and was able to recover through treatment. There are also self-help books in regards to depression or stress management to help you find a healthy outlet to distressing thoughts.

There is also nothing like making a priceless handmade gift. This can be making someone their favorite cookies or writing a poem about what you have been going through during your friend’s struggle with addiction and that you believe in them. You can also make a photo collage of all of the reasons why it is important to achieve sobriety such as photos of the two of you together, your friend’s family, and fun activities that they liked to do before their drug addiction. These photos will bring back happy memories and further motivate them to choose the sober life.

Relaxing gifts will give your friend an excuse to pamper themselves. This can be a mix of candles and lotions of their favorite smells. Coffee and tea can be great for their stomach and help ease the tension. You can also make a playlist of relaxing music that will help your friend during stressful times such as classical, movie scores, or new age. Anything to help them focus on the present moment instead of times of stress will be a big help towards recovery. Buying your loved one a journal will inspire them to use this tool as an outlet whenever their thoughts are becoming disorganized and hard to handle. By writing about their day and how their recovery is going, they will see for themselves how far they have come. They can also write every day what they are grateful for to better show them that they do not need drugs to make them feel fulfilled. You can even find them a journal that has motivational quotes on each page to better inspire them.

The best gift that you can give someone in recovery is your never-ending friendship. Friendship may seem like something that is easy to do and not really giving anything since there is no price on friendship. The truth is that friendship requires a lot of work and effort. You can offer to give your friend a phone call every week or give them a ride to a 12 step meeting. Show that they are not their drug addiction and to commend them for every goal that they accomplish. When your friend was struggling with addiction, they felt the need to give themselves presents with the only thing they can think to give them pleasure without worrying of the negative consequences. By being a good friend and always motivating them that the sober life is a life worth living, it could be the most impactful present you can give someone that they will always appreciate and remember.

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