What Should Not Be Ignored When You Are Depressed

Depression can make you feel so sad that you feel no urge to want to get out of bed when you wake up. By doing nothing about your depression, you are only making it persist or get worsen. According to The Power of Positivity, there are certain elements that may seem minor in treating but can actually make a big impact in how successful your recovery turns out to be.

The first element of depression that you should not ignore is how you process your emotions. If you hold in all of your stress and your sadness in and never tell anyone, this will only make you feel worse for a long period of time. You will one day feel like you are going to explode if you do not find a healthy outlet to letting out your emotions. One way that you can process your emotions is by writing them all down in a journal. Do not worry about making sense of what you are writing as you are just jotting down what is going on in your mind. When you read what you have wrote down, you will notice just how powerful your emotions are.

Write down all of the times that you are in a bad mood and what is causing them. By noticing the triggers, you will be able to come up with a comprehensive plan on what to do to avoid them. If you also feel like you have too much to do during the day, you should make a to-do list. You can prioritize them based on how easy it is for you to finish each task. You can even do it a day in advance so that you can wake up feeling prepared for what the day will bring.

The second element to not ignore is blocking media like television, social media, and the internet. All that will do is leave you cut off from the rest of the world which will lead you more depressed. If someone wants to talk to you about that certain groundbreaking news story, you will not know what it is which will make people think you are uninformed. The same goes if your friends tend to post important news on social media and you had no idea about it.

Not all media should trigger depression. For example, you can watch a television show, funny YouTube videos, or a movie that will make you laugh and smile. You can listen to music that will make you want to dance, smile, and empower you to get through the tough times. There are also good internet sources to look at like inspirational stories or funny memes that you can share. Stay away from people who love to brag all the time or looking in on people who have hurt you in the past. Stick only with the positive people.

A third element not to ignore is exercise as we need to keep moving to better stay in shape and avoid weak muscles. Exercise releases feel-good endorphins that will leave you on a high and helps promote positive thinking. You do not have to buy a gym membership or expensive exercise equipment to get moving. You can go for a walk, jog, run, ride a bike, dance, stretch, do chores, yoga, go swimming, gardening, or play a sport. Feeling the Vitamin D from the sun can also help improve your mood. Even if you feel too down to get out of bed, just take a look at that sun from your window as it is inviting you to enjoy life.

A fourth element not to avoid is daily tasks. Sitting in your room will only make the dust gather up, more bills to pay, and no groceries which means no food to feed yourself. Doing chores around the house will be a healthy distraction from your troubles. You can clean around the house, run errands, or work on a project such as cleaning out your garage and going through fond memories. This will make you feel more useful and doing something productive. You should also take care of yourself as well by taking a shower, brushing your teeth, shaving, putting on makeup, etc. Taking care of yourself will show others that you care about your appearance and looking healthy.

A fifth element not to ignore is when your friends and family are trying to reach out to you. It is okay if you want space from them for a little but do not cut them off completely. Ask them for a hug or to do a fun activity with them. You would be surprised what a few kind words can do for your depression. By surrounding yourself with those who love you, you will feel loved in return.

The sixth most important element never to ignore is your mental health needs. No matter what circumstance you are in, your mental health should always be a priority. Think of how long you have had these moments of sadness and not to let them go on for too much longer. If you are experiencing symptoms like a loss of interest in things you used to enjoy, headaches, not sleeping or eating enough, feeling worthless and hopeless, or thoughts of suicide, please seek a professional to help you. If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide, please call The National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

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