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When it comes to gift giving, the gift of High Watch Farm to Bill W. by Etheldred Folsom (Sister Francis) in 1940 was one of the greatest gifts in the world. It was an astonishing gesture and a tremendous leap of faith in Bill W.’s vision to give those who suffer from addiction a new chance on life. The gift of sobriety is truly the gift of life. Your contribution to High Watch will help us to sustain this great gift to the world.

In keeping with Bill W.’s legacy, we remain a non-profit and continue to provide state-of-the-art treatment for substance abuse incorporating the spiritual teachings of Alcoholics Anonymous. Your gift will help us to maintain the highest standard of care at affordable prices.


You may specify how your gift is used. Please consider earmarking your tax deductible donations to one of the many worthwhile causes outlined below. If you don’t specify how your gift is to be used, High Watch will allocate your gift to the area of greatest need at the time the donation is received. In this instance, you may mark your donation as “Unrestricted”. Or, if you would like to donate with a special intention, please mark your donation as “Other” and provide us with instructions for the donation.


High Watch 2020 Campus Expansion

High Watch has no on-site detoxification center and is currently unable to admit patients who need detox services. Many of these patients, when faced with this unfortunate barrier, end their effort to seek recovery treatment. With your support we can build a much-needed 12-bed detox center and expand our facilities to help even more people struggling with alcoholism and addiction. Help us continue to make a difference one day at a time.

For more information contact Alice at or call 860-927-3772 X 163.

Endowment Fund

An endowment fund is a permanent savings vehicle for not-for-profit institutions. We are building an endowment to secure the future of High Watch. Financial returns generated from the Endowment Fund allow us to keep our daily rate affordable. Your tax deductible contribution to this fund keeps our program a viable, cost effective alternative for as many individuals suffering from this disease as possible.


Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is used to fund certain initiatives each year. Generally, the fund is used for capital expenditures or ongoing operations. During the Thanksgiving season, a time of gratitude, we send out a newsletter to all our former residents, extended guests, family and friends to keep everyone apprised of the past years events and inform them about the designation of the Annual Fund for the upcoming year. We are most grateful for your ongoing support to this tax deductible fund.

Scholarship Funds

High Watch currently has two charitable funds established on behalf of our benefactors:

The Ed Clarke Fund allows residents with an alcohol dependency to extend their stay at High Watch. This fund was established in memory of Ed Clarke, a former Chairman of the Board of Directors and benefactor. Please consider supporting Ed Clarke’s dream of making sure that those who need the assistance are able to extend their stay at High Watch to practice living the 12 step program of recovery. As always, your gifts are much appreciated and tax deductible.

The Pauline Perry Fund enables individuals with drug and alcohol problems to extend their treatment at High Watch if they cannot otherwise afford it. This fund was established a number of years ago by the family and friends of Pauline Perry, an AA member from the Connecticut Shore whose service and sponsorship spread the message of recovery for so many alcoholics. Your can help extend the treatment of those with drug and alcohol addictions by keeping this fund alive with your tax deductible offering.


High Watch is a non-profit organization under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.