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Our Mission & Values

High Watch Recovery Center has a rich history of being the first substance abuse community in the world founded on the 12 Step principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. We are honored to be part of the legacy of AA co-founder Bill W. His presence was instrumental in the founding of High Watch. Please read on to learn about the mission and values of High Watch Recovery.

The High Watch Mission

High Watch Recovery Center is dedicated to seeing the disease of addiction go into remission for each individual who passes through our door. The caring team at High Watch provides compassionate care to every patient. We integrate the latest breakthroughs in addiction medicine alongside the spiritual teachings of AA’s 12 Steps. Through these teachings and treatments, we offer patients the tools and foundation to live sober after leaving High Watch.

High Watch known as the Hill of Hope

Our Core Set of Values

  • Respect. We shall treat all with whom we work with dignity and respect maintaining confidentiality and privacy.

  • Integrity. Each staff person will live by and demonstrate the values of honesty, open mindedness and fairness with respect for diversity.

  • Compassion. We seek to help others through empathy, empowerment and understanding.

  • Quality. We strive for measurable excellence in our quality of care.

  • Teamwork. We shall rely upon and work with one another as a team to maximize performance.

  • Fiscal Stewardship. We shall manage responsibly the resources of the Farm and commit ourselves to be good and faithful stewards of all donations.

  • Education. We commit ourselves to sharing our knowledge to help others understand addiction and the best practices for treatment of addiction.
“Life changing experience. Special thanks to all the staff at High Watch, they brought back my faith and self-worth!”
-Michael P.

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