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Extended Care Addiction Treatment in Kent, CT

We pride ourselves on keeping treatment affordable and realize to achieve optimum care (100 days of treatment) some of our guests and their families need some financial help. Our unique Extended Care Program affords guests an opportunity to extend their treatment for an additional 60 days at no additional cost.

How to Get into the Extended Care Program

Once a guest has been at High Watch for a minimum of 45 days they may apply for the Extended Care Program. Space is limited for this program so the applicants are reviewed by our clinical staff as well as our Director of Psychiatric Medicine. Guests are chosen based on their need, willingness and a host of other clinical factors.

Once chosen, each guest receives two months of charity care and enjoys all the benefits of our regular High Watch Program. While in the Extended Care Program, each client will assume some minor responsibilities that will keep them accountable such as taking attendance at meetings, making sure dorms are clean and neat, as well as ensuring that guests are following the High Watch Expectations.

Extended Care Benefits

95% of our Extended Care Guests complete this program and leave High Watch feeling accomplished and more confident that they will succeed in recovery. We invite you to contact us to learn more about this program and its details.

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