Admissions Process

Requirements and Expectations

Nestled in two hundred wooded acres in the lush Litchfield Hills, High Watch is an addiction treatment center that offers residents a special place to recover. Our accommodations are closer to a comfortable bed and breakfast than a medical institution. From the home-cooked meals to the beautiful rooms, our relaxing environment offers hope and solace. Our residents often remark about the natural beauty, tranquility and spiritual energy of our environment. It gives them the peace of mind needed to believe in something greater than themselves.

Read on for more information about our admissions criteria and guidelines for what to bring when you arrive at High Watch Recovery Center. You can call us any time at 860-927-3772 with any questions.


What Are the Admission Requirements?

Our residents must be 18 or older. Our pre-admission process includes a health screening, review of current medications and a full substance abuse history including current usage patterns. Registration for admission typically begins over the phone.

How Often Do You Admit?

We admit daily from 8:00 – 5:00 pm. Residents must have someone drive them to High Watch. Transportation to High Watch Recovery Center from a Medical Facility can be arranged in advance through High Watch.

What Should I Expect Upon Admission?

Upon admission, our medical staff meets with the incoming resident to identify any medical issues of an emergency nature that need attention. All residents receive a complete physical and psychiatric evaluation for potential disorders. This includes a review of family, interpersonal dynamics and current environmental stressors. Then an individualized treatment plan is created for them. It will address both the neurobiology of the addiction along with any co-occurring disorders.

An individual therapist is assigned to each resident. They offer individual bi-weekly counseling to help provide them with the tools and foundation to live sober after leaving High Watch. In addition, they will meet with their therapist in a group format.

What Should I Bring With Me?

To participate in our programs, residents agree to abide by our simple rules; we’ve outlined most in our What to Bring guidelines.