Healthcare Professional Program

State-of-the-Art Therapeutic and Medical Services
at the First 12-Step Treatment Center in the World

High Watch has created a Healthcare Professional Program to address increased substance abuse and fitness-to-practice challenges among healthcare professionals exacerbated during the COVID-19 outbreak. Our team provides personalized treatment plans and supports tailored to individual needs. We strive to ensure a safe return to practice, quality care, and effective communication.

Click below to join the AA meeting for Healthcare Professionals every Monday night from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Hosted by Zoom. Meeting ID: 847 6880 5155

At High Watch, Each Professional May Expect:

At High Watch, each professional may expect:

  • Detox if needed
  • Biopsychosocial assessment
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • A treatment team that includes a Master’s Level Therapist, Psychiatric Provider, 12-Step Coach, and Continuing Care Coordinator
  • An individualized treatment plan, including diagnosis and treatment of co-occurring disorders or conditions
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • 12-Step immersion experience
  • Medication management as warranted
  • Psychiatric care as warranted
  • Administrative support with referral sources and occupational requirements
  • Relapse prevention and support groups, including groups that target specific challenges faced by healthcare professionals
  • Meaningful aftercare planning and support for continued success post-discharge

Communication: Meaningful and Timely

Our team helps healthcare professionals with communication and paperwork requirements so they can focus on recovery. We will make informative, timely fitness-for-duty determinations and will keep you and any third-party program you authorize advised of progress and recommendations. At High Watch, we provide lifelong support to our professionals.

We care about everyone who finds their way to High Watch. Once admitted, your healthcare professional becomes part of the High Watch family. They have a support network for life.

Our Team

Sarah Williamson, MD
Medical Director of Professional Services

Dr. Williamson is a certified psychiatrist in General Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine. She is dedicated to promoting health and well-being in the medical community, providing holistic treatment to individuals with the help of other medical professionals.

Danielle Colopy, LPC, LADC, ATR, CTT
Clinical Coordinator

Danielle oversees individual and group therapies for healthcare professionals in the HW Healthcare Professional Program. She prioritizes collaboration, communication, and community to ensure successful reintegration into their homes and workplaces.

Maureen Sullivan DinnanMaureen Sullivan Dinnan, J.D.
Administrative Director of Professional Services

Maureen’s career has focused on assisting healthcare and medical professionals. From medical malpractice and licensing defense to leading the Connecticut alternative to discipline program for healthcare professionals, she understands the fears and challenges facing healthcare professionals with substance use disorders and mental illness.


Here for You

High Watch provides quality, affordable treatment as a non-profit provider. We are in-network with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, First Health, and Magellan. We will also work with all commercial insurance companies with out-of-network benefits.

With your authorization, we will work with healthcare accountability programs and other agencies to help you maintain your professional occupation and livelihood.

We believe in your ability to achieve sustained remission and are committed to supporting you in caring for yourself. Our doors are open for you. Please call us to eliminate any fears, shame, or guilt that may prevent you from seeking treatment.

Dr. Bob's Meeting

AA Meeting for Healthcare Professionals

High Watch Recovery Center Healthcare Professional Program is pleased to invite you to:

Dr. Bob's AA Meeting | Monday Evenings | 7:30 PM. - 8:30 PM

"The question which might natural come into your mind would be: "What did the man do or say that was different from what others had done or said?" It must be remembered that I had read a great deal and talked to everyone who knew... He gave me information about the subject of alcoholism, which was undoubtedly helpful. Of far more importance was the fact he was the first living human with whom I had ever talked, who knew what he was talking about in regard to alcoholism from actual experience. In other words, he talked my language."


All healthcare professionals with a desire for recovery


Monday Evenings
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM


All healthcare professionals with a desire for recovery

Come share your experience, strength, and hope with other professionals who understand!


Tel: (860) 927-3772

For more information, please contact Jenn at


“I wasn’t sure when I arrived if I would do the program, now I am positive I have a new chance to make the years I have left to be sober, useful and enjoyable. I am very lucky to have spent three weeks at High Watch.”
-Bill R.