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For Referring Professionals

When your patient has a substance abuse disorder, you can be very confident that they will receive the treatment and support they need to find recovery at High Watch.

Our 10,000 square foot state of the art medical facility houses a pharmacy, medical exam rooms, nursing offices, Doctors’ offices as well as private offices for all our therapists.

The psychiatric and addiction medicine team is led by Dr. Gregory Boris. He directs a team of Master’s Degree-licensed clinical social workers, psychiatric nurse practitioners and registered nurses. He is board certified in Emergency Medicine and Addiction Medicine, and is an award-winning physician with over twenty-two years of clinical experience.

Upon admission, our Medical Director consults with each of our patients. He diagnoses and manages any medical condition that will interfere with their recovery or that is a result of chronic use of substances. Each patient also sees our Psychiatrist or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who diagnoses and actively medically treats the neurobiologic consequences of substance abuse as well as any co-occurring disorders. In addition, patients are assigned Master’s Degree therapists with whom they meet with once a week for an individual session and daily in group sessions.

We employ only registered nurses experienced in addiction medicine. They evaluate and support the prescribed treatment for each patient and provide ongoing feedback to our clinical and program teams.

Our meals are overseen by our licensed dietician to ensure that the nutritional needs of all our guests are met with a healthy and satisfying menu.

We offer a Family Education Workshop designed and taught by our clinicians. This program is held once a month on Saturday and we encourage each guest to invite two family members. Families are encouraged to engage in individual family sessions with the patient’s therapist.

“My overall experience at High Watch was enlightening. The Hill of Hope is magical. I thought of things from my past that I’ve forgotten for years. Between my 12 Step Coach and my Therapist I was able to work through my emotions.”
-Jeff B.

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