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Residential Addiction Treatment Program in Kent, CT

We offer a powerful daily schedule that is comfortably paced to allow residents adequate time for healing and reflection. In between activities, our residents enjoy three nutritious meals from our renowned kitchen and served in our beautiful barn.

Customized, Individual Treatment

Proven Effective Treatment for Substance Use Disorder lies in our unique High Watch Program. We integrate the latest breakthroughs in addiction medicine for treatment of both the Neurobiology of Addiction and any co-occurring disorders (such as depression, anxiety or bi-polar disorder) into the time-tested spiritual teachings of the 12 Steps. Our residents and their families benefit from this powerful healing blend of Customized Individual Treatment:

  • Every resident receives an individual bio-psycho-social evaluation. A state-of-the-art addiction recovery plan is developed with each of our residents:
    • This plan includes an assigned therapist for one individual session and daily group sessions every week.
    • Biological interventions to repair brain neural and neurotransmitter systems that are damaged by a wide variety of substances.
  • Clinicians diagnose and treat any co-occurring mental health issues.
  • 12 Steps are taught in an intense format:
    • Each client is assigned an experienced 12-Step coach to work with in a one on one setting.
    • Our clients learn how a 12-Step program is used to maintain remission of their chronic addiction.
High Watch Office nestled in Kent CT

High Watch Recovery offers our guests the opportunity to extend their treatment through the Extended Care Program. This unique program provides an extension of treatment to help guests reach their optimum care while keeping treatment affordable. 95% of Extended Care guests complete this program and leave High Watch feeling more confident that they will succeed in recovery. Learn more about this program here.

The centerpiece of the Intensive Outpatient Program is the HOPE house farm, a 100-acre, fully working farm that is available to guests who have completed their residential stay with High Watch and wish to continue their recovery at High Watch. This program gives guests a sense of purpose, builds confidence, self-worth and self-esteem. They learn teamwork, responsibility, accountability and conflict resolution and gain new skills to take with them throughout life. Learn more about this program here.

“I wasn’t sure when I arrived if I would do the program, now I am positive I have a new chance to make the years I have left to be sober, useful and enjoyable. I am very lucky to have spent three weeks at High Watch.”
-Bill R.

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