The Hill of Hope

It was there that I found Hope in getting and
staying Sober.

I began to listen, to pray, to trust and to
willfully make connections with other humans.

I began to become able to be quiet and listen to
the sound of the wind. To confide in the
universe, the concerns within my heart.

My condition complex PTSD / Alcoholism, my
family, my life. I began to trust the movement of
a power greater than myself.

I was now willing to begin to change to do the
exact opposite of what I had been doing
Surviving as far back as I can remember.

My contempt for mankind atheism, dangerous
isolation, my tunnel vision, my alcoholism, my
inability to surrender and become open to both
hear and understand the Solution.

Thank you High Watch thanks to your healers,
teachers, counselors, mentors, coaches, angles.

For Rest, Restoration, Nurishment, Safety and

  • Adelle L.