Gifts to Give Someone with Anxiety

If you do not have anxiety, it may be hard to understand what your loved one is going through. Whether it is your loved one’s birthday, a special occasion, Christmas, Chanukah, anniversary, or any other holiday, this present you give them will show them how much you care about their struggles with anxiety and that you want to do what you can to make it easier for them.

One gift idea you can give someone with anxiety are coloring books. Anxiety arises when you feel like you have no control even if life’s elements are uncontrollable. A coloring book will give some control back to you as you can choose what colors to add to your picture. Pick coloring books that have funny or inspirational quotes to make you smile and empower you. You can take your time coloring these pictures and then feel a sense of accomplishment when they picture is done. A second gift idea is a blanket that will provide you warmth and comfort. It can be a personalized embroidered one, heated, or very soft. You can bundle yourself up with this blanket whenever you feel like you are going to fall apart. You will feel so comfortable that you will forget your troubles.

A third gift idea is sleepwear like earplugs or a sleep mask. You might be more sensitive when bright lights creep into your room. The same can be said if you live in an environment where even the smallest sound can disturb you as if you are afraid that something fell or someone broke into your house. Ear plugs could also be very useful if you feel anxiety during loud concerts where the sound levels overwhelm you. By wearing a sleeping mask, you can go to sleep and not have to worry about being woken up early in the morning by any bright lights. The same can be said for earplugs as you can go to sleep in total silence as well as not having to hear the amplifying sounds of the concert but can still hear the music well..

A fourth gift idea would be giving someone a gift card to a streaming service whether it is for movies, television shows, or music. That way, this is you letting your friend know that you are giving them access to all of these movies and television shows that can make them laugh, feel happy and not have to focus on their worries. You can even give them a list of all of the shows and movies that you recommend they would enjoy. Streaming services could be beneficial as well such as Spotify or Pandora where your loved one can listen to new age music, classical music, smooth jazz, or any other type of music stations that would help make them feel more relaxed. Maybe this music can help them sleep better at night or be good background music when they are reading a book or doing yoga.

A fifth gift idea would be giving your loved one a journal. This is your way of letting your loved one know that you are giving them a healthy outlet to jot down their racing thoughts. Their thoughts will be better organized as they can write about their worries, their plans, and what they hope to work on everyday to improve their anxiety. Journals can lift a huge weight off your shoulders as you should not have to keep everything inside. You can either find journals with blank sheets of paper or you can find journals that already have writing prompts in them to give them motivation on what to write about. There are even journals that have inspirational quotes inside to start off your journal entry with something to think about. You can even give your loved one a sketchbook if they feel better drawing what their anxiety looks like or anything else that is on their mind stopping them from enjoying their life. This can help them better visualize the severity of their anxiety.

A sixth gift idea would be to send someone a nice card. Instead of trying to find a card with pre-written text, make your own card out of a blank sheet of paper. On the front of the card, you can either create a drawing or include your favorite photo of the two of you together. Inside the card, you can tell your loved one a personalized message that tells them that you understand just how hard their anxiety has been for their life but that you will always be there for them in any way you can. Sometimes, a present does not always have to be bought but can come straight from your heart.

A seventh gift idea can be to give a present of an interest of theirs that has always made them feel relaxed. If they are interested in art, you can give that person sketching paper and an easel within a variety of paint colors. If singing is what makes them feel most comfortable, you can give your loved one a karaoke machine. If your loved one is interested in photography, give them a nice camera and a scrapbook to put all of their beautiful photos in. Each gesture you put into your present will show your loved one that you have a real understanding of their anxiety and would like to help make life easier for them.

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