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Dealing with Embarrassment after Relapse in Long-Term Sobriety

March 17, 2019

Relapse is one of the most commonly feared topics of addiction recovery, mostly because nobody likes to think of themselves as “starting over” or “going back to Day 1”. The reality is the relapse is a normal part of recovery;…

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Journaling Methods to Help with Anxiety

March 17, 2019

Anxiety means having a lot of troubling, worrisome thoughts racing in your head. If you do not find a healthy outlet for those thoughts, you might feel like you are going to explode one day.  By using different journaling methods…

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What’s New In Mental Health Science?

March 15, 2019

Because mental illness continues to have a giant stigma, this makes it continually hard to make advancements towards new treatment methods. The National Alliance on Mental illness say that 43.8 million Americans experience mental illness a year. With that many…

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The Best Jobs for Those Living with Social Anxiety

March 14, 2019

Social anxiety can create a barrier when it comes to applying for companies. You get nervous when you are surrounded by people and in roles where you are forced to socialize with others. If you are struggling with social anxiety,…

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What Should Not Be Ignored When You Are Depressed

March 13, 2019

Depression can make you feel so sad that you feel no urge to want to get out of bed when you wake up. By doing nothing about your depression, you are only making it persist or get worsen. According to…

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When Have You Lost Control with Exercise?

March 12, 2019

Exercising is very good for your body as you are strengthening the bones in your body, getting your heart pumping, and releasing all of those feel-good endorphins to keep you on an all-day high. But too much of a good…

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Couples Rehab- Healing Together

March 10, 2019

It has been known to happen where couples are both suffering with addiction and can cause serious problems in their home in regards to their children, health, and finances. If one person in the relationship goes to rehab, there is…

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How to Fight Through Depression at Work

March 9, 2019

Going to work can do wonders for your depression in that it will give you something to do every week that you will enjoy and feel rewarded by the end of your shift. Work can also worsen your depression from…

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What Are The Little Things That Can Help Someone with Depression?

March 8, 2019

While helping someone with depression can mean learning more about depression itself, it’s also the little things you do that can have a great impact in their overall well-being. According to Huffington Post, the smallest but most important things you…

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Staying Motivated in Long-Term Sobriety

March 7, 2019

As human beings, we’re naturally going to “fall off the bandwagon” every now and then. We’re going to make mistakes, get lost, take a few steps back and find our way again – and it’s all part of the journey.…

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