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What Strategies Are There to be More Mindful in the Present Moment?

February 24, 2019

Author Lawrence Peltz stated in his book titled, The Mindful Path to Addiction Recovery, “Rather than feeling compelled to fall into our addictive behavior whenever we feel the urge, we discover that we can create a gap between impulse and action – we take a breath, feel whatever is behind our urge, and decide whether or…

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Maintaining Recovery Long After Treatment: Key Elements to a Lifestyle of Sobriety

February 21, 2019

Living a life of sobriety is easily one of the most rewarding paths you could take. You’ve spent so much time working on bettering yourself, and you can probably list many of the steps that you’ve taken over the past year (or years) that have lifted you up in recovery. A lifestyle of sobriety is…

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How Can I Celebrate Milestones in My Recovery?

February 17, 2019

Congratulations! Whether it’s your 1-week, 1-month, 1-year or 1-decade of sobriety, you’ve been taking some amazing strides towards your health and wellbeing. Only you can take the steps that you’ve been taking to improve your life, and you’ve been taking them. Milestones are a huge part of recovery because they remind people of how far…

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Could You Be Sabotaging Your Sobriety?

February 14, 2019

A common assumption for those who’ve completed treatment is that they’ve got everything figured out. They’ve made it through a year, or two years, or twenty years or more of sobriety thus far, so they shouldn’t have to worry anymore about relapse, right? Well, not quite – recovery is a lifelong process, and that doesn’t…

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Acceptance, Gratitude and Strength: Positive Messages Received in Recovery

February 10, 2019

When we’re in the throes of addiction, we often lose sight of what’s real. We become confused about our sense of purpose in life, sometimes with the belief that substances are all we’re meant to seek out. We may lose aspects of our lives that were once near and dear to our hearts – such…

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What are the Dangers of Complacency?

February 7, 2019

Complacency is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as, “a feeling of calm satisfaction with your own abilities or situation that prevents you from trying harder.” We all become complacent from time to time; we stop pushing ourselves to achieve new goals at work, we become a bit too comfortable in our relationship, and we nonetheless…

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Recovery Life: The Importance of Establishing Structure in Your Daily Routine

February 3, 2019

When we’re actively involved in addiction, our daily schedule involves the intense desire to abuse substances. As Harvard Health indicates, craving, loss of control, and continued involvement in substances – despite their consequences – essentially hardwires our brain to want nothing else. In 2017, CNBC covered a study that surveyed 1,057 individuals who identified as…

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7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hide Your Depression

January 29, 2019

Depression is the number one cause of disability worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. In America, an estimated 16 million adults suffer an episode of depression every single year. Symptoms of a depressive epsiode can include persistent sadness, fatigue, disturbed sleep, physical aches, poor concentration, loss of appetite, slow movements, and thoughts of death,…

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Coping With Time Change When You’re In Recovery

January 28, 2019

For people in the US, daylight saving time begins on March 10. That means we set our clocks forward and lose an hour of the day. For most people, the beginning of daylight saving is harder than the end. Most people’s circadian rhythms are slightly longer than 24 hours, so losing an hour feels like…

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Finding Our Purpose

January 27, 2019

A universal part of the human experience, whether or not we’re living with addiction and mental illness, is the existential crisis of not knowing our purpose in life. When we’re recovering from addiction, we often feel an acute sense of overwhelm and pressure when we experience this kind of crisis. We already feel like failures…

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